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Giganet HD Splice Cassette LC-SC


Giganet HD splicing modules allow users to fusion splice micro cables, loose-tube cables or ribbon cables to factory assembled pigtails. For up to 24 splices in LC configuration or 12 in SC. The splice clip is interchangeable allowing different splice protectors to be integrated such as heat-shrink, ribbon or sandwich (ANT) type.


Footprint: HD MP4

Material: ABS + PC

Housing Color: Black

Application: HD Panels

Fibre Capacity: 24FO in LC / 12FO IN SC

Adapters Ports: Shuttered laser & Dust proof LC Adapters

Splice Holder: 40MM Heat shrink sleeves, Available in Crimp Style or Ribbon

Max Cable Diameter to Use: 8 mm

Dimensions (WxDxH in mm): 106 x 110 x 33.60

Weight: 0.25KG


Giganet HD Splice Cassette LC-SC

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