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Giganet Cooling Fan Unit

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Giganet Cooling Fan Unit is ideal for wall mount, network cabinets, and server cabinets and will ensure your system reaches its full operating potential. The fan is designed by the best engineers and made from the highest quality materials to advanced mechanical superiority, providing reliable clutch performance for mission-critical applications. Any professional network/computer system needs proper air circulation and cooling to operate at maximum efficiency.

Key Features

  • 120x120x38MM

  • Ball Bearing

  • 86 CFM if Freq-Hz is 50 / 105CFM if Freq-Hz is 60

  • Noise(db): 45 each

  • Normal Operating Temperature: 25°C-45°C

  • Life Expectancy: Dual Ball Bearing: 50000 hours

  • Sleeve Bearing and or oiliness: 20000-25000 hours

  • Standard: Fully CE, ROHS Approved


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Giganet Cooling Fan Unit

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