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GIGANET™ offers a comprehensive suite of data center solutions, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance. The GIGANET™ Micro Data Centre (MDC) configurations, available in single or multi-rack setups, boast a robust infrastructure, incorporating power distribution boards, smart double conversion online UPS, and rack-mounted thermal DX cooling. The MDC is equipped with the GIGANET™ Environmental Monitoring System (EMS), featuring an array of sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, water leakage, sound, intrusion, and infrared parameters. This advanced EMS facilitates real-time alerts via E-mail, SMS, or Beacon, ensuring proactive response to threshold breaches.

The GIGANET™ Data Centre Containment system enhances cooling efficiency with rows of cabinets, in-row cooling, and power cabinets featuring front and back sliding doors, coupled with a SKY roof. The cooling system options include in-row cooling, in-between cabinet rows, or centralized chiller units, offering flexibility based on cooling capacity requirements. The power cabinet integrates a UPS, vertical PDUs, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for redundancy, and an optional inverter cabinet with batteries for extended backup during power disruptions.

For centralized control, the GIGANET™ Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system provides a user-friendly dashboard, offering real-time insights into power, cooling, and EMS parameters within the containment system. With the ability to select UPS and cooling units from various vendors using DCIM software, GIGANET™ empowers customers with a seamless transition to MDC solutions, ensuring a resilient and efficient data center infrastructure.


Single Rack & Multi Rack 

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Enviromental Monitoring System


Cooling Systems

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