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The Giganet High performance cabling systems with Termination plugs support Enterprise wireless based on 802.11ax also known as wi-fi 6 ( 6th Generation).  The new Wi-fi 6 systems allows speeds up to 9  Gbps using 1023- Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) based on multiple input / Multiple output (MIMO) Antennas    


WI-FI 6 uses 2.4Mhz and 5 Mhz frequency using 1024-QAM modulation with 8 spatial streams with a data stream of 1.2Gbps per stream giving a maximum speed of 9.61 Gbps


Wi-Fi 6 not only improves upon current Wi-Fi features, but also introduces brand new features that offer even more benefits. Compared to its predecessors, some of the major benefits of Wi-Fi 6 include:

  • Lower battery consumption in Wi-Fi 6 devices supported by Wi-Fi 6 networks

  • Higher data rates with peak Gigabit speeds

  • Increased capacity with reduced latency to support higher numbers of users and devices, thanks to improved medium access control (MAC) control signalling

  • High performance levels in the most dense environments with many connected devices

  • More robust outdoor network operations

  • Increased power efficiency and lower latency with an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) uplink and downlink digital modulation scheme

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