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Giganet Single-rack, Multi-rack and Outdoor Micro Data Centre

Server rooms with comfort cooling are found in various settings such as offices, retail spaces, warehouses, and computer rooms. However, many of these spaces lack adequate systems to monitor the health and safety of the cabinet. Cloud and hybrid platforms hosting systems with multiple connection levels pose challenges in terms of monitoring and latency at the cabinet level. Comfort cooling, while effective, can be expensive as it tends to cool the entire room more than the cabinet. This results in more than 50% of cold air not reaching the servers and network equipment within the cabinet.


The solution to these issues lies in the integration of power, rack-mounted cooling, and monitoring within a single cabinet. This integration has given rise to Micro Data Centres (MDC) designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enable monitoring from a unified dashboard with multiple tenant MDCs.


GIGANET™ Micro Data Centre (MDC) solutions are available in single rack and multi-rack configurations. They feature a cabinet with a power distribution board, a smart double conversion online UPS, rack-mounted thermal DX cooling, and an Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) equipped with sensors. The integrated dashboard facilitates Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) monitoring. DCIM tools effectively monitor, measure, and control data centre utilization and energy consumption of assets such as servers, storage, and network switches, along with facility infrastructure components like power distribution units, UPS, and rack-mounted thermal cooling.


The GIGANET™ MDC solution offers the flexibility to choose UPS and cooling units from multiple vendors using the DCIM software, allowing customers to transition to MDC solutions seamlessly.

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Single-Rack & Multi-Rack Indoor Micro Data Center

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Outdoor Micro Data Center

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