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The Giganet Brand is a high performance , high quality brand for Edge Micro Data centre (MDC)  with Network cabinet , UPS Power , Intelligent PDUS , Rack mounted  Cooling and DCIM with environmental sensors .  


The Giganet MDC comes in three variants of single phase supporting 3kva ,6Kva and 10kava UPS with batteries  with rack mounted cooling from 3.5Kw to 7.0 Kw with DCIM and environmental sensors.  The Giganet MDC supports leading brands of UPS .


Edge Data centres are smaller facilities which process data as close to end users as possible  that deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end users. They typically connect to a larger central data centre . By processing data and services close to the end user as possible , edge computing allows organizations to reduce latency and improve customer experience.


The main drivers of MDC adoption to support edge computing applications are scalability , resilience , speed of deployment , reliability and lower costs.

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