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Giganet 42U & 45U Data Center Cabinets

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Giganet offers 42U & 45U Data Center Cabinets that can fit your Data Center needs. When choosing a rack or enclosure, one important factor to consider is knowing your server rack cooling strategy. The type of rack you choose will depend on the cooling methods used in your environment. Another point to consider would be selecting an appropriately sized rack. When selecting a rack, you want to be sure it has sufficient internal space to house your current equipment and ensure that you have ample space to accommodate planned future expansion. Making sure your rack fits into your overall security strategy is just as important too. There are several measures you can take to improve the security of the racks and equipment in your Data Center. Though it consumes no electricity and contains no moving parts, the rack and enclosure orientation have a significant impact on a data center’s ability to become an energy-efficient enterprise.


  • A proven frame design, heavy gauge mounting rails, and heavy-duty casters provide for 1364 Kg Load Rating.

  • Elegance look, profound technical, precise dimension.

  • Front and Rear Mesh Door.

  • The front mesh door has camber and semicircle type options.

  • Available with density vented front/rear locking double section door, enable ventilation and reliable operation.

  • Wire path on the top and bottom can be closed.

  • Install caster and support feet at the same time.

  • High grade knob and lock.

  • Wire groove with wide cable manager on the two sides.

  • Front single flat mesh door and rear split mesh door with 80% perforation.


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42U & 45U Data Center Cabinets

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