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Giganet 42U Containment System

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Giganet aisle containment system has been designed for companies who need an efficient and secure computer room housing servers storage, networking and UPS equipment. This solution is ideal for organizations having 2 to 8 cabinets and using existing room facilities to house their data center. To maximize operational efficiency and thermal management at the cabinet-level for data centers the AISLE containment solutions help to optimize airflow management using either rear door cooling or in-row cooling creating a cold aisle and hot aisle within the containment system where cabinet-level isolation is not possible. The sliding door low profile aisle containment system shall create a structure including end of row doors and ceiling panels that enclose the cold aisle between rows of cabinets to segregate cold and hot air streams to and from equipment. This passive system shall contain no moving parts. Designed to contain the cold air, the system shall be deployed on raised floors.



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Giganet 42U Containment System

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