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Giganet Data Center Containment


Data centre containment is the separation of cold supply air from the hot exhaust air from IT equipment. Containment enables uniform, stable supply temperature to the intake of IT equipment and a warmer, drier return air to cooling infrastructure. The amount of energy used to maintain acceptable temperatures in the
data center can be greatly reduced by containment. By separating the air, you are able to save revenue by reducing your energy consumption and improving overall equipment performance and efficiency.


The GIGANET™ Data Centre Containment consists of rows of cabinets opposite of each other, with in-row cooling cabinet(s) and power cabinets with Front and back sliding doors with a SKY roof. The containment system allows the cold air to circulate within the aisle cooling servers, storage and network equipment and the
hot air is expelled from the back of the active equipment.


The GIGANET™ cooling system can either be in-row cooling or in-between the row of cabinets.It can also be from centralized chiller unit where the cold air comes from beneath the floor tiles directly into the cabinet. The in-row cooling cabinet can either be 300mm or 600mm depending on the cooling capacity required.

The GIGANET™ power cabinet consists of a UPS with external battery packs to cater for extended run time, PDUs mounted vertically at the back of the cabinets, an Automatic transfer switch (ATS) for power redundancy
and in some scenarios Inverter cabinet with batteries for more backup time in case there is power from the grid or generator.


The GIGANET™ Environmental Monitoring system (EMS) consists of sensors such as temperature/humidity, water leakage, contact, sound, intrusion, infrared, etc. The wired or wireless sensors can be installed in the
row of cabinets to monitor and alert the health status through the EMS. The EMS can give notifications when a threshold is met via E-mail, SMS or Beacon.


The GIGANET™ Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system is a dashboard which gives real-time information of the Containment System on Power, cooling and EMS.


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Data Center Containment

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