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Giganet Blank Fibre Optic Panel


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Giganet blank sliding patch panel accepts max 24 x SC- Duplex or 24 x LC-Quad within 1U space. The panel can be pre-loaded completely with the required adapters or pre-loaded with pigtails and splice accessories. The tray is locked by 2 plastic latches and lowers to a 45 degree angle when fully extended. Installation and labeling are simple and easy. When using pigtails max 72x LC, Pigtails can bes spliced and with LC -connectors it can take 96 Fibres to reach Max Capacity of the panel.


  • Mounting Type:  Rack 19”

  • Height Unit: 1U

  • Material:  Cold rolled steel

  • Housing Color:  Black

  • Application:  Indoor IP20

  • Lockable: No

  • Dimensions : (W x D x H in MM) 482x205x44.4

  • Net Weight: 2.5Kg


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Giganet Blank Fibre Optic Panel

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