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Giganet Access Floor Box 12 Modules (213mm X 133mm)


Giganet 245 series floor boxes provide an excellent solution for power and data communication requirements in modern office environment, as well as many other applications including computer rooms, schools, conference rooms, commercial office buildings. Reversable lid ensures easy outgoing cables orientation and adjustable base box allows to level up the unit with your floor providing a smooth, seamless look. The high impact ABS lid features recessed handle for easy access to essential services and a wide cord outlet for convenient, closed-lid cable pass-thru. Clamp fixing mechanism provides ease of installation to save time and effort.


  • Color: Dark Blue

  • Module Capacity: 12

  • Cutout : 213 mm X 133mm

  • Application: Access Floor


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Giganet Access Floor Box 12 Modules (213mm X 133mm)

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