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Giganet Access Floor Box 16 Modules Circular (253mm)


Giganet 258L series floor box provides a versatile solution offering large capacity and durability for users requiring a functional, attractive and cost-effective floor box for concrete applications. The Giganet 258L series with optimized capacity can be configured with multiple modules to enable power, data and audio visual to be into a common floor box. The round shape cover panel allows for the products to be installed in any location or orientation without having concern for parallel lines in the concrete floor. It also features a recessed pull-out handle on the robust lid to facilitate the access to box services and a retaining guard to protect cables and reduce risk of damage to all incoming and outgoing cables.


  • Color: Silver

  • Module Capacity: 16

  • Cutout : 253 mm 

  • Application: Concrete Floor


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Giganet Access Floor Box 16 Modules Circular (253mm)

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