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Giganet Server 47U Cabinets

Giganet 47U 800 Series Mesh Door Server Cabinets


Key Features

  • Elegance look, profound technical, precise dimension.

  • Range of Medium Duty Cabinets of Durable Modular construction.

  • 1300kg maximum carrying capacity.

  • The front door and back door are mesh door. The front door have camber and semicircle two types. Available with density vented front/rear locking double section door, enable ventilation and reliable operation.

  • Wire path on the top and bottom can be closed.

  • Install caster and support feet at the same time.

  • High grade knob and lock.

  • Wire groove with Wide cable manager on the two sides.

  • The frame can be removed according to the requirement “U” as marked in the frame.

  • Detachable composite structure, more convenient for being shipped.

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