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Giganet Integral Raised Floor Grommet

Giganet Integral Raised Floor Grommet

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Giganet Integral Grommets are designed to seal openings in new raised floor cutouts before the installation of communications or power cabling. Based on measurements at multiple data centers, on average 48% of valuable conditioned air is not reaching the air intake of IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to IT equipment hot spots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs


  • The Grommets contain no loose or partially fastened parts, which can become separated or fall through the raised floor.

  • The Grommets are impact resistant and durable

  • The Grommets satisfy NFPA 75 Section 5-4.4 requirement by self-dressing the raw metal edges of raised-floor tile cable cutouts

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