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Giganet Rack Seal Self Adhesive Expansion Tape

Giganet Rack Seal Self Adhesive Expansion Tape

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Preventing the recirculation of hot exhaust air within and between IT equipment racks plays an important role in reducing data centre cooling costs. Whilst blanking panels enable unused rack space to be blocked off, hot exhaust air has still been able to recirculate to the front of the rack via gaps between the sides of the cabinets and the rails, externally between racks or underneath the rack. RackSEAL Air Barrier from Giganet combats this issue and seals these gaps. RackSEAL is a compressed foam tape that expands to fill a range of gap sizes and works with 600mm or 800mm wide racks. RackSEAL is easy to install, as it is self adhesive and is simply stuck to the side of the cabinet, the rack base or the rails. RackSEAL Air Barrier still permits cables to be passed between the side of the rack and the rails, and simply moulds itself around them to ensure gaps are sealed


  • Slow expansion allows RackSEAL Air Barrier to be installed without disturbing cables.

  • Black in colour, and supplied on pre-compressed rolls.

  • Self adhesive acrylic scrim makes installation to racks quick and easy.

  • Virtually no particulation. RackSEAL Air Barrier is free from chlorinated compounds, CFC and halogens.

  • Temperature operating range: -30°C to 130°C.

  • Fire retardent: Class B1 as laid out in DIN 4102-1.

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