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Giganet Flammable Gas Sensor

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Giganet Hydrogen detector collects and transfers data via non-standard or Modbus protocol. The intelligent transmitter nodes collect and transfer spot gas density, the host detects all nodes. Working with intelligent monitoring system, it can real-time monitor gas density changes. Using the bus mechanism, it is easy to install and connect wires with strong anti-interference ability. Meantime, the intelligent transmitter also provides controllable external devices ( exhausting fan and electromagnetic valve ) The detector detects the gas concentration in a natural diffusion manner. The imported sensor has good sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The instrument uses embedded micro-control technology with high reliability. It is suitable for detecting the concentration of toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive gases in the ambient air. It is widely used in metallurgy, power plants, chemical industry, mines, tunnels, tunnels, underground pipelines, and other places, effectively preventing accidents.


  • Size:144mm×190mm×74mm

  • Weight:1130

  • Type:Electrochemical formula

  • Gas Detect:Oxygen, flammable, toxic gas

  • Response time:Oxygen≤30s、CO≤40s、toxic gas≤20sVoltage:DC 24V


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Giganet Flammable Gas Sensor

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