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Giganet Infrared Sensor

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Giganet Infrared sensor is specially designed for server room monitoring, with strong signals capturing, low false alarm rate/missing alarm rate, low power consumption, and temperature compensation. Remark: Please study the protection area and choose an appropriate infrared protection area. Don’t install the infrared sensor in the sunlight or near the heat source.


  • Working Voltage:9~16VDC

  • Working Current:12mA

  • Alarm Contacts:NC,0.1A,12V,Normally closed

  • Tamper Contact:NC,0.1A,12V,Normally closed

  • Dimension:89×52×39mm

  • Holder Adjust:Level:±25º Vertical:+5º~-20º

  • Filter Characteristic:White light protection, colored lens

  • Working Temperature:-10℃~+50℃


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Giganet Infrared Sensor

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