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Giganet Smart Electricity Switch Monitor

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Giganet Utility power supply detection module is a module specially designed for the environment monitoring centralized system of a data center to acquire the state of distribution switch. Every module has 8 channels of 220V AC input and 5V DC output. The main function is to reduce the 22V AC voltage of distribution switch to 5V DC voltage and convert the DC voltage signal to RS485 digital signal via 18053 switching value conversion module and then supervise the on-off state of the distribution switch by connecting network with a computer.


  • Channel:8 Channel

  • Input Range:AC 220VAC@3A±10%

  • Input Frequency:50Hz/channel

  • Logic Level 0:Max +1V

  • Logic Level 1:+3.5~30VI

  • solation Voltage:300V rms


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Giganet Smart Electricity Switch Monitor

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