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Giganet Smoke Sensor

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Giganet Smoke sensor is a kind of alarm equipment in firefighting management and security system. It is of small size but reliable. Smoke sensor combines signal output and fire smoke sensor organically, which makes it easily installed and flexible used. Smoke sensor is suitable for less smoking, non smoking place to detect smoke ion to detect smoke accurately .When the smoke scope exceed the limitation ,the sensor will warn via sound-light alarm and output warning signal to the collector.


  • Sensor:Ionic Working

  • Operating Voltage Range:DC12V/24V

  • Working Current:ESD current<10ua Alarm working current10-20ma

  • Smoke sensitivity:Accord with u127 criterion test value: Smoke sensor reacts every feet of 3.2% weak ash

  • Working Environment:-5C +50 C

  • Warning output:sound-light alarm about signal output at site is connected to alarm host and it shutdown automatically after alarm elimination.

  • Dimension:φ107mm×50mm


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Giganet Smoke Sensor

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