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Giganet Dome Fibre Splice Closure 72 Core

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The Giganet GN-DM06 is a round type . A hoop is used to fix and seal enclosures cover the base making its installation quite simple. GN-DM06 is provided with 4 fibre cables inlet/outlet ports, and sealing is achieved by tightening the nut after installing the fibre cable.


  • Diameter:190mm

  • Height:410mm

  • Sealing Structure:Heat shrink sealing

  • Suitable Cable Jacket Diameter:Small Port : Φ8-Φ17.5:           Big Port : Φ10-Φ17.5

  • Splice Tray:72 fibers, Max.6 pieces

  • Max Capacity (F):144 Fibers

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Giganet Dome Fibre Splice Closure 72 Core

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