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Giganet Duplex SC Multimode Adaptor


The Giganet offers a range SC and LC Adaptors The adaptors are available in simplex or duplex configurations with a zirconia or Phosphor Bronze sleeve for high precision alignment. These adaptors are comprised of a polymer outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. These adaptors are precision made and manufactured to demanding specifications. The combination of a ceramic /phosphor bronze alignment sleeves and precision molded polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance.

Key Features

  • Multimode and Singlemode variants

  • Duplex and Simplex options

  • High quality construction

  • Suitable for both loose tube and tight buffered

  • Strain relief boots included

  • Ease of use

  • High performance


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Giganet Duplex SC Multimode Adaptor

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