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Giganet Simplex SC Multimode OM4 Pigtail 1 metre


The Giganet full range of fibre optic pigtails (ST, SC, LC) are made from high quality grade Multimode fibre and connectors ensuring maximum performance with minimum insertion loss and back reflection. The pigtails are environmental friendly, reliable, precise dimension with wide selection of ferrules and are individually tested and certified. The Giganet fibre patchcords is your best choice for Telecommunications, Local Area Network, CATV, Fibre To The Home, Fibre optic sensors and Test equipment applications.

Key Features

  • ST, SC & LC variants

  • Available in Singlemode options

  • Supplied with test certificate

  • High quality construction

  • Individually bagged

  • Custom made leads available on request


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Giganet Simplex SC Multimode OM4 Pigtail 1 metre

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