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Giganet HD Dual Fiber 8CH Mux CWDM Cassette


Giganet passive 8 channels HD CWDM MUX or and DEMUX cassette, allows you to multiplex/de-multiplex eight separate channels into one pair of fiber. Its protocol and rate transparent supporting different applications such as 1G/10G/25G Ethernet, SDH/SONET and 8/4/2/1G Fiber Channel across the same fiber link. With modular design, the Mux can be combined with CWDM/DWDM modules, OADMs and MTP/MPO cassettes in 1U FHD patch panel. Also it can support a wide range of architectures from simple point-to-point to ring configurations.


Dimensions (W x D x H in mm): 106 x 150 x 35.3

Channel Number: 8+1 CH

Fibre Type: SM G.657A1

Fibre Length: 0.5mtr

Connector Type: LC


Giganet HD Dual Fiber 8CH Mux CWDM Cassette

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