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Giganet HD Pass through MTP MPO Adapter Plates


The HD MTP/MPO adapter plates are made to fit all Giganet HD Fibre management solutions, including rack mount patch panels, supporting MTP/MPO for high density solutions. This MTP/MPO adapter plate can accommodate up to 6 or 12 MTP/MPO adapters with options of key-up to key-down, or key-up to key-up, which offers the flexibility to the MTP/MPO trunk to adapts different installation requirements with various polarities. The recessed adapters mounted in the plate gives the better bending radius when routing the MTP/MPO trunks cables. Each MTP/MPO Fibre adapter plate comes with protective caps made of polycarbonate to prevent dust and debris from entering.


Mounting Type: Nylon Latches

Material: ABS + PC

Housing Color: Black

Dimensions (WxDxH in mm): 106 x 33.60 x 24

Weight: 0.25KG


Giganet HD Pass through MTP MPO Adapter Plates

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