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The Giganet 39U Network Cabinet is packed with features designed to simplify rack equipment installations and rack equipment maintenance: top and bottom cable routing ports, perforated door and side panels to promote efficient airflow, adjustable vertical mounting rails and more. This network cabinet allows keeping the networking equipment and many important devices attached in a firm, fixed position, contributing to ensuring stable operation.

Key Features

  • Elegance look, profound technical, precise dimension with modern taste.

  • Maximum loading 650kg. 

  • Wire path on the top and bottom can be closed.

  • Install caster and support at the same time. 

  • Optional bottom seat for stable stand, bottom wiring, bottom cold ventilation.

  • Side door and rear / front door can be taken down easily. 

  • Can be customized to individual requirements.

  • Mounting rails are marked with “U” identification.

  • Detachable composite structure, more convenient for being shipped Supplied as Flat Packed.

Giganet 39U 600 & 800 Series Mesh Door Cabinets


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Giganet 39U 600 & 800 Series Mesh Door Cabinets

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