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Giganet MTP/MPO to LS/SC Fanouts Base-12


Giganet MTP/MPO Fanouts are small form factor high-density fibre connector assemblies that breakout into discrete single ferrule connectors. Our MTP/MPO Fanouts are suitable for up to 100G applications to connect between equipment or to interconnect modules/panels in a data center. The fanouts also can be used for transitions between high to low bandwidth equipment. The Fanouts are available in Micro cable single and double jacket options suitable and individual connectors are available as simplex/duplex/round duplex cable options. The MTP/MPO and single ferrule connectors are available in Standard and Premium versions to cater customer’s power budget requirements.


Cable Material: LSZH /PVC

Strength Member: Aramid/FRP

Cable Diameter(mm): Single jacket 12F– 3.0 / Double jacket 12F– 4.5 / Double jacket 24F – 4.5

Tensile Strength(N): Single jacket 12F– 200/100 / Double jacket 12F– 400/150 / Double jacket 24F – 400/150

Crush(N/100mm): Single jacket 12F– 500 / Double jacket 12F– 1000

Operating Temperature: -20 to 70˚C

Minimum Bending Radius(mm): 10D (installed) / 20D (loaded)

CPR Reaction to Fire classification: (12F– 3.0) Cca-s1a,d0,a1 / (12F– 4.5) B2ca-s1a,d0,a1 / (24F– 4.5) Cca-s1a,d0,a1


Giganet MTP/MPO to LS/SC Fanouts Base-12

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