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Giganet MTP MPO Base-1x16FO Trunk


Giganet MTP/MPO 1x 16 fibre ferrule cable assemblies are designed for cable infrastructures which are currently used for, or which are due to be upgraded to, parallel optics 40/100G protocols such as 100G BASE-SR10 or 40GBASE-SR4. The Assemblies are built using 1x 16 fibre ferrule interface, MTP/MPO connectors, which can be used directly with 100G transceivers or, when used together with transition modules/cables, can provide 40/100G parallel transceivers or legacy non-parallel optics 4/8/10/16G Ethernet/ fibre channel protocol networks.


Cable Material: LSZH or PVC

Strength Member: Aramid/FRP

Cable Diameter(mm): Double jacket 16F – 4.5

Tensile Strength(N): Double jacket 16F – 400/150

Crush(N/100mm): 1000

Operating Temperature: -20 to 70˚C

Minimum Bending Radius(mm): 10D (installed) / 20D (loaded)

CPR Reaction to Fire classification Cca-s1a,d0,a1 Certified


Giganet MTP MPO Base-1x16FO Trunk

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