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Giganet MTP MPO Trunks Indoor-Outdoor


Giganet Indoor & Outdoor MTP/MPO Trunks are made with micro cable with flex armored tube which contains 12 fibres of 250μm fibres. With water blocking yarn and Kevlar yarn added in the cable, this is ideal product used in the indoor/outdoor high-density applications. The MTP/MPO connectors are available in Standard and Premium versions to cater customer’s power budget requirements.


Cable Jacket Material: UV-LSZH

Strength Member: Aramid Yarn

Installation Temperature: -20 to +50˚C

Fibre Count: 8FO-12FO

Outer Diameter (mm): 4.5±0.2

Crush (short term-N/100mm): 1000

Crush (long term-N/100mm): 500


Giganet MTP MPO Trunks Indoor-Outdoor

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