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Giganet Outdoor Preterms (up to 144FO)


Giganet Outdoor Preterms offers quick and cost-effective installation within an indoor environment or intrabuilding premise. The preterm is made of Tight Buffer are best suited for application to load enclosures with 900um tails. We manufacture preterms with superior fiber /cable performance, high quality connectors which offers improved link loss budgets.

Key Features

  • Conform to IEC, EIA-TIA, and Telecordia performance requirements

  • Available in standard Singlemode and Multimode fiber options

  • Available in LC, SC, FC, ST and other connector types

  • Available with our standard pulling system

  • RoHS, REACH & SvHC compliant, Materials Conflict compliant

  • 900um or 2mm ruggedized tails


Giganet Outdoor Preterms (up to 144FO)

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