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Giganet UHD-MTP/MPO Cassette Modules Base 8

Giganet UHD-MTP MPO Cassette Modules base 12F.png

Giganet UHD cassettes are pre-terminated modules MTP/MPO-LC Fanouts that are suitable for up to 100G applications to interconnect backbone with discrete connections. The UHD cassettes are designed to easily plug into Giganet UHD chassis and each chassis can populate up to 96F. This cassette is tailor-made for optimizing cable management, speed deployment, and improving flexibility. The MTP/MPO and single ferrule connectors are available in Standard and Premium versions to cater customer’s power budget requirements.


Footprint: UHD

Material: ABS+PC

Housing Color: Black

Application: UHD Panels

Fibre Capacity: 8FO in LC

Adapters Ports: Standard & Shuttered Dust proof LC Adapters

Dimensions (WxDxH in mm): 95 x 124.5 x 12

Weight: 0.15KG


Giganet UHD-MTP/MPO Cassette Modules Base 8

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