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Giganet 4U 19 Inch Blanking Panel Plastic

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Giganet blanking panel is designed to effectively seal openings in IT equipment cabinets and control airflow for optimized cooling effectiveness. The Giganet Blanking Panel reduces hotspots and bypass airflow by preventing equipment exhaust air or hot aisle air from migrating to the conditioned air intake stream at the front of the cabinet.

Key Features

  • Cantilevered sealing vanes eliminate the gap between adjoining blanking panels or with installed equipment to provide the most effective sealing blanking panel on the market, a seal 29% better than the nearest competitor

  • Tool-free, snap-in installation requires no additional parts or components for installation

  • Ergonomic finger grips built in to allow easy-pull removal in standard EIA-310-E openings

  • Interlocking design allows secure stacking (1U panels stack 10 high and 2U panels stack 20 high) for easy storage and convenient carrying, supporting the best practice of keeping particulates and contaminants like cardboard boxes out of the data center

  • Compliant with Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS)


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Giganet 4U 19 Inch Blanking Panel Plastic

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