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Giganet Category 6A Shielded Inline Coupler


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The Giganet Category 6A shielded Inline Coupler meets all international standards for Alien crosstalk suppression transfer impedance, shielding, grounding and bonding via a simple PCB compensation design. The shielded Inline Coupler is a key component of the Giganet Category 6A compliant system offering enhanced EMI and Alien crosstalk performance. The shielded Inline Coupler can be mounted into patch panels, faceplates, floor boxes, and Desk Surfaces and work area enclosures and suitable for connections between FD to outlets as well. The enhanced Giganet category 6A shielded cabling system delivers high network performance today and investment protection for future networks.


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  • Mating Durability : 750 cycles

  • Shielded material: Zinc alloy

  • Contact material: Phosphor bronze with 50u gold plates

  • Working Temperature: -10°C~60°C


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Giganet Category 6A Shielded Inline Coupler

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