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Giganet DCIM Integrated Touch Pad Monitor

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Giganet integrated monitor touch pad for environment monitoring in the edge sever room uses a 9.7-inch touch screen, which can be used for work through the touch pad, and the inconvenience brought by the traditional 1U monitoring host in the edge server room and other application scenarios is abandoned.In the era of big data, it is the best choice for building a modern unguarded server room to meet customers’ requirements of convenient installation, saving cabinet space, local visualization, convenient operation, necessary security and linkage operation, etc.


Power monitoring

  • 1 UPS;

  • 2 common air conditioner; 2 PDU

Environment monitoring

  • 2 precision air con; 8 temp/humid

  • 5 DI(Water leakage/door contact/smoke sensor etc.)

Alarm monitoring

  • Local sound light 、

  • SMS and mail alarm

Security monitoring

  • 2 smart locks

  • 1 Light strip


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Giganet DCIM Integrated Touch Pad Monitor

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